A little merriment.

November 4, 2011

Fall always catches me by surprise. I love the colors, the crunchy leaves, the fresh air. But I always find myself a little glum for some reason. Dwindling daylight, most likely. Also, I think somewhere in my brainstem is a neuron from the Mesozoic and it’s telling me to find a cave and tuck in. And all the cynical snark out there erodes my happy.

But lately, all kinds of joyful things have come my way, and I thought I’d gather them and put them here. Here’s to humans! There’s 7 billion of us, and sometimes we’re wonderful!

This came from my mom. And I won’t lie, my eyes were leaking before it was over.

This has been making the rounds, but likewise with the leaking eyes toward the end.

Nature is amazing. It should be honored and protected. Even starlings.

This made me all nostalgic for being young and in love and up to my nostrils in angst. But it’s also quite beautiful, nostalgia aside.

Humans are awesome. But sometimes in a bats-crazy sort of way.

I have… nothing. Can you ask cheese?

Sabre-Toothed Squirrels. For realsies. Hello, AWESOME!

And last, but most:

So, that’s it.

Merry Friday!


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