This house is a very fine house. This post… not so much.

October 5, 2011

A friend of mine just said ‘Hey, your blog misses you.” And I was all, “Wait. I have a blog??”

Turns out, I do!

I have been busy shopping for furniture to make our living room more comfortable, less echoey (echoy, there matey, atey, atey!) (that was worse than usual!), and to give the dust a place to land. Dear god, the dust in this house eats power bars. For ENDURANCE! Rawr!! I vacuum daily and there are tumbleweeds skittering across the hallway by 5 o’clock. My house grows 5 o’clock shadowS. I think it’s the dogs, mostly. I’m fairly certain that they grow hair with the express purpose of putting it on my floor. I’m also fairly certain that our next dog will be a goldfish.

But I love a lot of things about our new house.

For one, I have an office, which is, as I type, only partly filled with boxes. I had a picture of empty, bare floor on my phone that I was going to include in a future blog post (this one!) and talk about how it was the sexiest thing I’d seen since August. But then my phone fell in a toilet died and its replacement is made out a tin can and legos. (also lost? an awesome series of photos detailing a dwindling pile of random erector set bits, courtesy of IKEA. And my collection of 19 hex wrenches.) (I sob, stoically. So, not so much, really.) Someday, I’m guessing three weeks after Peach starts school, my office will be organized, orderly, box-free, filled with sciencey publications and wool. Mmm.

Huh? You’re still here!

Right. So right now, it’s still piled high with boxes of books and random bits that don’t have a home yet. I think that’s one of the worst parts of moving: finding and then remembering places for all kinds of random, infrequently used things, like sunhats and drawer liners and electronic cables. You’ll need them. And when you need them, you’ll need them now. And you’ll wonder where the hell you put them. Need a safe place for the passports? Stick ’em with the hammock ties! Presto, safe forever. Also probably safe from you.

See, the problem with finding places for things is that odds are extremely low that you’ll be able to recreate the logic that led you to that place. Thus, you find yourself unpacking crap and wondering where to put all three (3!) pairs of hammock ties. In four years of marriage, we have used our ONLY (singular. one. sole.) hammock once. And we had to go buy new ties to do it. I have no idea how we got the third set. It probably involved uncut cocaine and contraband pandas (hello, band name!). How do I know? Buying habits, people. That data is gold. Unless your wallet’s been stolen. In which case it is damn amusing. Provided you’re drunk.

This is a long, rambling post with almost no point at all. But I started talking about furniture, which is where my brain has been lately. So which do you like better?

PS! I’ll be around more this week. I have updates about missing yarn and dead phones!

PPS: That’s called marketing, people.


5 Responses to “This house is a very fine house. This post… not so much.”

  1. Dianne said

    I like ‘dem’ curves Baby..and I loved your post..humor me anytime you get the urge..I’m always ready for a good belly laugh..and I got plenty of belly to laugh with:)

  2. I vote for angles, myself. I’m a fan of crisp lines and mid-century modern design. As for dead phones, mine was drowned to death in the toilet by a certain un-named toddler conducting a failed physics experiment or something. (or perhaps it was successful and I don’t give him enough credit.)

  3. Also, you are making me nervous about my impending move and stay-at-home momness. I don’t want to be surrounded by unpacked boxes until Little goes to school.

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