September 27, 2011

Here’s part of a conversation I had with Dan last night:

Me: Dwayne was here this morning.

Dan: [pauses] Wait. Who’s Dwayne?

Me: You mean you don’t know Dwayne??

Dan: Are you trying to be cute?

Me: [blinks innocently] (this is somewhat difficult for me.)

Dan: So, who’s Dwayne?

Me: Well, every night, I leave the sink clean and empty, and Dwayne visits in the small hours of the night and fills the sink with all kinds of crusty nasty dishes and puddles of mystery liquid. Honestly, I’m surprised you’ve never crossed paths with him, given how early you wake up.

Dan: Oh yeah, I know Dwayne. He’s married to Tina, the used tissue fairy.

Touché, Dwayne.


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