A riddle! For you!

September 25, 2011

A few good friends asked if my last post was a riddle of some sort. It wasn’t, but I thought up one for you!

What goes “glunk, thunk” and then bubbles for a few, pathetic moments?

Your phone.

In the toilet!

Ask me how I know!

I wish I could blame this on Ivy. Toddlers do this stuff aaallll the time, and there would be something very satisfying in holding it over her head until she was 35. But she’s never put anything in the toilet. Yet, anyway. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

So. Two important things:

1. Take  your phone out of your back pocket before dropping trou over the terlet.

2. Freaking back up your damn phone.

3. Don’t expect me to call you for a few days.

That was three. Whatever. Obviously, I can’t function without my phone.

So, gentle readers, what’s the verdict on using a dried-out toilet phone? Too gross to even try? It wasn’t a public toilet, but I think someone (who doesn’t use toilet paper) may have forgotten to flush his pee-pee. Or there was a half-flush. I’ve dropped my keys in the toilet before. Those you can kind of wash… phones not so much. Also they touch your face. Should I send it off to have it’s parts harvested? Or am I being spoiled and finicky and I should just suck it up and learn to love my new toilet phone. Assuming it will even dry out. I hear good things about rice.

And hey, I just learned that WordPress has a survey function! What better excuse could a girl ask for, than querying her friends about pee-soaked phones. Assuming I have still friends, after they’ve read this.


9 Responses to “A riddle! For you!”

  1. Dianne said

    Actually I was in a cess pool in Las Vegas a number of years ago and a lady dropped her cell in there..I helped her retrieve it but never knew if it ever worked again or not…hot tub=cess pool

  2. I fear if you don’t take the battery and sd card out and throw it all in a bag of rice right away after the accident you might as well consider it dead.. I’ve drowned a few phones.. Never did it in the toilet.. Been close but mine falls victim to the washermachine. Time to replace and beg your FB friends to email their numbers or have them text you after you receive your new phone.

    • Ruh-roh. SD card? how does one remove such an item? can you even remove the battery from an iphone? any idea how?

      • Haven’t played with a iPhone myself but I’ve drowned two different types of smart phones.. Both times the touch screens were toast .

        If you had a SD card it would be on the any of the sides It’s the tiniest little thing.. If you’ve investigated your phone closely you would’ve seen it.

        For the battery: Nope.. I think that’s the one down fall from the iPhone.. You can’t remove anything.. Say for example your battery looses charge within a hour of taking it off the charger and you haven’t even touched it. You would have to send the whole phone in. You couldn’t simply take out the battery and go ask for another.

  3. Tammy once dropped her phone in her coffee…she immediately turned it off, took out the battery and propped it open over a heat vent (it was winter). She dried it for a day or two and it worked fine. She also got one of her saws wet once and she dried it out in an open oven. It was also healed 🙂

    • I’ve got it wrapped in paper towels and sitting in a tupperware of damp-rid pellets under a strong lamp. I’m going to go get a prepaid cell for emergencies, and try turning it on in three days.

      Fingers crossed!!

  4. Jadielady said

    I don’t know about the battery, but the SD card is at the top of the phone, there’s a wee little hole you can poke at with a tiny sewing needle and it’ll pop out.
    Then, like was suggested, put everything in rice and it will dry.

    Or, you can sell it “as is” on ebay. I know a guy who dropped his in pee and still got $100 for it.

  5. Katie said

    As Suzanne likes to say, “urine is sterile”. Can’t promise it’ll work, but unless Dan has some nasties, you’ll be fine.

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