Coming out

September 20, 2011

I find that in awkward situations, a direct approach is often best. Soooo…..

I’m Stephanie, and I’m a recovering (sucktastic) anonymous blogger. My husband’s name is Dan (Hi, Dan!), and my daughter’s name is Ivy (Hi, Ivy! In about 13 years, you’ll probably wish someone in this family was dead. My maternal intuition tells me that discovering this blog will make it aaall better. Smooches, punkin!) Chances are, you dear readers, have already picked up on my unsecret identity, because I have used all our names by accident in previous posts. Whoops! Witness protection, I would be a waste of your money.

See, almost everyone who reads this here web-log is a friend of mine, or related to me. Most of these people know my name. Probably. Visions of achieving international fame and glory overnight, without having to work very hard were (completely awesome and totally) deluded fantasies (sucksucksucksucksuck.). The reality is that there are no paparazzi from which to shield my fragile family. When I don’t post, this here blog gets about 3 readers a day, and two of them are from a Chinese spam site. Ha ha, isn’t that weird?

On second thought… My name is Sissy LaWad! My husband’s name is Larry! And my daughter is actually a son, and her/his name is Nuk! We live in Texas and like to eat soy. The end!

So anyway! The moral of this story is that anonymous blogging is really hard on the ol’ noggin. Also, I would make a terrible spy.






6 Responses to “Coming out”

  1. Dianne said

    Sissy La’Wad..regardless of your blog name..You’ve got make me giggle like a kid..and I love you like family..
    Your friend,

  2. Peaches said

    I look forward to posts bc I can hear you saying the words and that makes my heart happy. Plus you use words that I have forgotten about and when I use them again (usually out of context), I feel much better about myself in general!

  3. Today I composed an email which included the phrase, “Alas, indeed.” Just sayin’.

  4. Ooh! Was it, perchance, an indignant letter? You’ll have to keep me posted on how it turns out!

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