Fur Purse

August 18, 2011

Note: Huge, huge thanks to Handsome, who worked his tail off today so that I could steal a few minutes in front of the computer before it’s disassembled and we are rendered internetless. (sob!)

Lucky me, I got to take Peach shopping to look for a new purse! And I came across the most disturbing thing I’ve seen since I cleaned under my stove. And it is my expert opinion that ALF died under there. About 12 years ago.

Anyway. I found this. These. Furry purses. More than several.

And now, I can’t stop saying the words “fur purse” in my head. Which totally sounds like a euphemism. But in this case it’s not. I don’t know if that’s better or worse. Let’s leave that alone, shall we? (You’re welcome.)

This one looks like a jaguar enchillada. AUGH! Euphemisms are everywhere! Run away!

And this one felt the need to clarify that its fur was faux. But I’m not at all convinced that this one isn’t ALF’s second cousin, Doug.

And if fur isn’t your thing, here’s one to carry your rainbow space cats!

Wait. Unless the furry ones are for cats?? Which purse do I buy if I don’t have any cats?

Nevermind. The moral of this story is purse shopping sucks. Unless you’re a hooker.

The End.


3 Responses to “Fur Purse”

  1. eunice said

    mmm. Send your husband shopping. Mine has surprised me with some fabulous handbags but the one that always gets comments is the Alviero Martini handbag he gave me over 15 years ago. That makes it a classic!

  2. Katie said

    These are AWFUL. When you hinted at “fur purse” the other day, I Googled it. Similar pictures (and worse!) came up. I was really hoping my guess you acquired a purse dog was correct.

  3. Opa said

    How about a real fur purse made of raccoon fur? Sorry, I can’t provide such but I did capture one of the critters last night and took it for a long ride away from these parts this morning. Hope it likes its new digs.

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