Type C personality

August 17, 2011


I’m moving my household this week. The movers are coming to move the furniture on Friday, and Handsome and I are moving everything that is small enough to carry. My body is about to sue me for emancipation. AND! I ate a big bowl of crazy this morning and decided to ALSO move my brand new, wet-behind-the-ears blog. Actually, the blog-moving is less related to the Crazy-O’s and more due to the fact that Tumblr won’t let me put pictures in my posts. I can post ONE (1) photo and say something about it, but I can’t post several photos separated by paragraphs. And this just won’t do. You’ll see why in a bit, when I collect myself and my possessions and settle in at our new hive. Until then, I’ll tempt you with two words: Fur purse.

See you on the flip side, turtles.


2 Responses to “Type C personality”

  1. Linda said

    reading this blog is like having you in the room with me 🙂 so. much.fun.
    but not that move. crazy.

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