Tri’in my patience*

August 17, 2011

My husband, a newly minted triathlete, is completely obsessed with all things Tri.

MerryWife: How was your day?

Handsome: I saw a great bike on my way home.

MerryWife: What do you want to do this weekend?

Handsome: Speedy Rollins is from Greensboro and he biked down the entire Appalachian Trail unassisted in eleventy-four hours.

MerryWife: What’s my name?

Handsome: I want to cut my bike time by 10 minutes.

MerryWife: You’re sleeping in the garage tonight.

Handsome: Gymwad McIronman recommends eating his All Natural ChondrotinHydroxyUltraMacroProtein Sliders.


Handsome: What about garages? Oh, that reminds me, I was thinking we could build a workout room for me in the back yard.


[*In all honesty, I’m very proud of his hard work and dedication, and I’m hoping he’ll be able to push my wheelchair around really fast when he’s 90.]


One Response to “Tri’in my patience*”

  1. Jadielady said

    My coworker, who sits right next to me, is also a bicycle enthusiast* and HE has a RACE and it is only 3 weeks away!!!!
    And he is going to ride 100 miles each weekend, and do his normal training every day, but the week before the race he is going to not ride at all, and he is going to get some new gears and maybe a new seat and…..

    *crazy person, who I mostly only put up with because he doesn’t call me crazy when I talk about yarn and things.

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