That’s Mrs. Spinster to you, fuzzball.

August 17, 2011

You know? Sometimes, I have something kind of humorous in my brain that is too big for Twitter. Or even too big for Facebook. And besides, I feel bad exposing hapless friends and acquaintances to… well… me, really. I mean, I posted a cat video today. Yeah, I’m that friend. And I’m not proud, exactly. But oh, god, it was a funny cat video. Count Draculcat? You know the one I’m talking about? Oh, fine, twist my arm. Here it is:

See? Funny, right? And now, dear readers, I have done the equivalent of farting in bed with you. I have shared a cat video, and there is no going back.

So! Now that we’ve exploded that social barrier, and therefore are now practically married, allow me to introduce myself: I titled this tumblr thingy The Merry Spinster because I am rather happy. Or rather bitchy. One of those. And secondly, because I like to spin. Not bikes. Wool. I make yarn.

HAH! Did you catch that? I’ve admitted to liking cat videos AND living in a house filled with yarn! WAIT, don’t run so fast! I’ll trip over my loneliness!

You have the wrong idea about me. Really. I am married to a hunk of handsome, and I have a bright-eyed and beautiful daughter. And two dogs. AND NO CATS. I don’t even like cats that much. Except when they look like furry vampires. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, THEY TOTALLY DO.


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